Bonda Suzanne Hale Butler - has a Bachelor of Music Education (cum laude) from Central Michigan University and an MA in Horn Performance from the University of Iowa. Her humanitarian preparation in this life is extensive with successful experience in Commercial and Residential Real Estate, Musical performance, National and International Sport Management, Sales, Finance, Retailing, Distribution, Mass Marketing, Educational Programs in HeartDesire structuring, Small Business Management, Event Planning, Agreement Simplification, Marketing, Writing, Publishing, Public School Teaching and Adjunct Faculty in the University Setting. She is founder and CEO of Incorporation HeartDesire LLC the world’s first Soul Training Center focusing the beneficial nature of peoples’ gifted Soul on business and the art of practical self-support, Marriage, child rearing, continuing education, the fine arts, sports, self-expansion through service to others, and promoting the supreme art of how to sustain happiness.


Charles Lucien Butler - is classified as a Gifted and Talented 8th grader by the Texas public school system. He is a GT graduate of a Texas elementary & intermediate school and a 5 star preschool. In Kindergarten he received the outstanding reader award for being in the 99th percentile of Kindergarteners in the USA. Later, he claimed the mathematics award of honor, the artwork award, the writing award for excellence in writing the best stories, and the science award for excellence in being scientific (in fifth grade he tested 10th grade level in science).  He earned the Coldspring Intermediate Pride & excellent behavior awards in all three years of intermediate school. Luc is a  member of the National Junior Honor Society and currently considers his greatest musical honor to be the current principal clarinet in the Junior High Regional Band. His says the most amazing experiences in this life so far are the 2016 landslide win as president of the Student Council in 5th grade and helping to get the COCISD school bond election passed in 2017. He revealed his first HeartDesire past life memory when he was nearly three. He says the reason he comes to Earth is because being with God in Heaven is just too perfectly obvious. For him, Earth is a challenging vacation practicing the joy of HeartDesire in unification with God.